Is Gunstringer (Kinect) going to be a downloadable game?

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Do you remember the Gunstringer trailer we posted a little while back that made fun of the PS3 and Wii while praises the power of the Kinect? If not go watch it now and come back, we’ll still be here.

Well Joystiq stumbled across something interesting this morning on, according to a screenshot they took it looks like Gunstringer, the next title from the awesome Twisted Pixel studio, is going to be a downloadable title through the Xbox Live Arcade.

Apparently this makes it the first American XBLA title for Kinect but I couldn’t care less about that, what I do care about is whether it’s going to be rated quickly enough by our FPB and whether it’s actually going to be any good.

Personally I’m not sure the Kinect is accurate enough to make this awesome but it may be fun for the kids.

Source: Joystiq

Last Updated: February 17, 2011

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