Is Halo 4 being prepped for multiple platforms?

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Halo is one of the top selling videogames of all time and is one of the reasons Microsoft were able to launch a console in the first place when it virtually single handily carried the original Xbox through it’s growing pains.

So the idea of Microsoft allowing Halo 4 to go cross platform is ludicrous and yet it may still happen, just in a way you didn’t quite think off.

According to rumours coming out of MSXbox-World Halo 4 is being prepped to be released on two platforms during the 2012 holiday season.

The first is obviously the Xbox 360 and the second is what I’m calling the XBN or XBox Next.

Yes the rumour is actually stating that instead of using Halo 4 or 5 to launch a new console the new idea is to launch on both platforms at the same time and allow cross platform gaming. The theory behind it is that you’ll have Halo 4 on your lowly Xbox 360 and then your friend down the street will get a XBN and Halo 4 and you’ll be utterly blown away by the graphical improvement.

It’s actually not a bad idea as the graphics have already gotten to a level where a lot of people won’t easily notice the improvement, think upscaled DVD vs Blu-Ray, so allowing the exact same game on both consoles at the same time will give shops and friends a chance to show off just how much better the XBN is.

Whether there is any truth in this rumour will have to be seen, but I like the idea.

Last Updated: January 3, 2012

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