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Is it time for an Xbox Live Price cut?

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Xbox Live has been running for around 5 years now, giving connected Xbox 360 users the option to either stick with a Silver account, allowing them to communicate with friends and also download demo’s and movies or upgrade to a paid Gold account, capable of multiplayer gaming as well.

But five years have passed and network access has become significantly cheaper, so the question that was asked this week by 8bitJoystick is, Should Xbox Live get a price cut?

As much as I do find it a bit crap (for lack of a better word) that you have to pay money to play multiplayer games, I still find that it’s a really solid and user friendly way to chat, send game invites and download content. Overall I would say that the service works really well and is worth paying for.

I can’t full comprehend how Microsoft thought that they could release a multiplayer service that users would have to pay for, when the competition, as well as years and years of PC gaming, have been offering it for free. The truth is, it worked out for them somehow and tons of people have become content with paying for the service.

I do however think that it’s about time that Microsoft either lower the price for a gold account, or start offering services with the package. Dedicated servers will be great, because I also find it a bit daft that we are all paying money to play online but are still required to host games ourselves.

For countries such as South Africa, bandwidth is expensive and hosting can really do a lot of damage to your usage statistics at an alarming pace.

I do still believe that it has been worth my money, but I really do feel that the price can come down. It’s about time that we get to see the price become something that is more affordable to everyone and will probably work out for Microsoft as it will tempt many Silver Account users to upgrade.

So come on Microsoft, do it, we dare you.

source: 8BitJoystick

Last Updated: June 25, 2008

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