Is Linux going to sink the PS3?

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The original rumour was that Sony allowed the PS3 to have linux installed on it to get around custom laws in Europe. You see it’s now a PC and not subjected to tax.

It all seemed like a clever idea at the time but could this actually end up costing Sony more than they originally expected?

A German company called Helios thinks so. It just released a customized PS3 version of Linux that is powerful enough to run the Helios UB enterprise server, formerly reserved for the likes of the IBM Blade Server and Xserve. It achieved this feat using a stripped-down version of Yellow Dog Linux that provides extremely low overhead while still offering things like Java 1.5 and enhanced AppleTalk. (Source)

So you can now pick up an enterprise server for cheap which is great news for small enterprises (is there even such a thing?) but not good news for Sony.

Remember  Sony are making quite a considerable loss on every console sold which is perfectly normal as these companies make their money back from the sales of games. But if the PS3 is being used as a server I somehow don’t expect the companies to be purchasing that many games.

Not only that but this is really going to confuse the software publishers. Imagine Sony stating that they have sold 10 million consoles but they are unable to say how many are enterprise servers and how many are owned by gamers. This could send their official attachment rate down the toilet.

They have saved on taxes (hopefully) but linux could end up costing them a lot more in the end

Last Updated: May 31, 2007

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