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Is Microsoft releasing a gamepad controller?

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The Wii-U’s claim to fame is obviously it’s gamepad which Nintendo are convinced is going to change the face of gaming and give us all this wonderful asymmetric gaming experience that we’re never going to know we wanted until it arrives.

Microsoft and Sony have already countered with Microsoft announcing Smart Glass where you can use your iPad, iPhone or Android device as a second screen and Sony stating that their PS Vita is the perfect second screen that everyone will use.

Unfortunately for both of them neither is a solid enough solution as they both require you to purchase extra devices which has never been a recipe for success. But what if Microsoft is hiding another big announcement?

According to an anonymous reddit user this photo was taken inside of Valve studio’s and if you zoom in on the red circle we can see something quite surprising.


Not only is that office an absolute pig sty but that controller looks identical to a Xbox 360 controller with a built in screen exactly where the current text pad slots in.

It doesn’t look like an attachment though but rather a single unit and if this isn’t a fake it could well point to Microsoft releasing second screens bundled with their next Xbox.

In one way it’s more appealing that the controller is still a normal size compared to the pretty large Wii-U but then that is obviously at the expense of screen size, would a second screen that size really be any use?

[Update] it looks like it is real but not from Microsoft, the redhead in the background is Jeri Elsworth and she creates custom eveything… or is she now working for Valve and she’s the coincidence?

Last Updated: September 11, 2012

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