Is No One Lives Forever coming back to life?

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I’ve said it about a billion times. No One Lives Forever is one of my favourite shooters thanks to its fantastic lead – the indomitable Cate Archer -  great writing and nifty gadgets. It’s been caught up in a bit of a rights limbo; nobody seems to know who owns the rights to the property. somebody may have figured it out.

Siliconera has discovered that Night Dive studios, a company that focuses on republishing old games that everybody should play has filed trademarks for No One Lives Forever, The Operative, Contract J.A.C.K. and A Spy in H.A.R.M.’s Way all of which tie in the No One Lives forever as a franchise.

It’s worth noting that these are just trademarks, and not copyrights. This means that Night dive has the rights to use those terms, not to fiddle with the source work or create new games using the I. However, it does mean that it’s likely that night dive has managed to find out who owns the property, or in registering the trademarks actually owns the property themselves.

Ostensibly, this means at the very least, that the games will make their way to services like GoG and Steam, but it does light a small candle of hope that we’ll be seeing Ms Archer in a brand new adventure in the future. Either way; a new game or the old ones – I’m down for more 60’s spy shenanigans. This is one game where I wouldn’t moan about a new, HD remake.

Night Dive was responsible for System Shock 2 being republished, so you have them to thank for that games existence in digital stores.

Last Updated: May 2, 2014

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