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Is Sony breaking PS3’s to then charge to fix them?

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Yes it’s an inflammatory headline but if one of our recent commenter’s is to be believed this is exactly what Sony is doing.

According to Mondracon his PS3 was starting to have issues with freezing so he called up his friendly American tech support and was told to upgrade to Firmware 3.01.

He did and that changed the issue, now his PS3 won’t ever read a Blu-Ray disc. he called tech support again they had this to say

“Your system would have failed eventually. We just prescribed a set of procedures to follow that would diagnose the problem. It just made the end result occur more rapidly.”

And now Mondracon has to part with $150 to get the thing fixed…

The thing that makes me think this is real is that the article he left the comment on was an old one about a possible class action suit against Sony for failing Blu-ray drives, the guy/girl obviously feels aggrieved and is looking for some way to get back at Sony for what he feels is a dodgy business practice.

If Sony knew that firmware 3.01 may brick his console surely that means that Sony are responsible for fixing it even though it is out of it’s warranty period? But then again how would you ever prove that?

Class Action Lawsuit anyone…

Last Updated: October 9, 2009

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