Is Sony going to reveal the Playstation 4 on February 20?

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I’m going to go with “maybe”.

Sony is teasing something big on February 20, as they’ll be hosting one of their rare Playstation Meetings on that date. The last time such a meeting was held, it was to herald the launch of the PS Vita, so chances are up that we’ll be seeing something big from that event. And if it isn’t a Playstation 4, it better not be a PS Move 2.0 system.

2013 is looking to be the year of the console. While Sony will compete with Microsoft and Nintendo eventually in the next-gen game, the priority now seems to be on seeing who will unveil their next-gen hardware first. We’ve been seeing rumours and hearsay so far, but a solid announcement is certain to dominate headlines, and that’s something that Sony could really make use of right now in order to build some positive momentum for the Orbis.

It’s all taking place on February 20 in New York City, 6PM Eastern standard time. Or in SA terms, that’s 1AM for us. Looks like I’ll be hitting the strong coffee for that live-streaming event.

Last Updated: February 1, 2013

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