Is Sony making a Move lightsaber game?

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Dear God I hope so! There is nothing concrete though, just speculation spawned off some badly constructed smack-talk on behalf of a Sony employee. Still, the unintentional hints are rather convincing, and they’re made even more so when you see how the guy tries to backtrack.

The guy in question is Anton Mikhailov, who I’m pretty sure is a Russian spy even though he works for Sony Computer Entertainment America as a software engineer in the research and development department. He was recently interviewed by Eurogamer, and took the opportunity to slag-off Microsoft’s Kinect peripheral. He was rather candid when discussing his thoughts on the Star Wars Kinect game that was announced at E3 2010. He said “There’s no way Kinect can do a good lightsaber game”, which he followed up with an early hint that Sony might be making a Move lightsaber game as well.

What does Anton think about a Move lightsaber game? He thinks “it’ll be damn better than Kinect’s”. Of course, the “it will” part of his statement got Eurogamer’s attention and so they pried a little more and that’s when he started backpedalling:

“I’m not in the product planning division so unfortunately I can’t tell you much more about that, but technologically it’s 100 per cent feasible. We can overlay objects over the controller in AR. You’ve seen that in Start the Party, and swords are a really popular one. The fidelity is certainly there to do all sorts of Star Wars kid-style action. You can very well do the lightsaber.”

The only part that bums me out a little is the “kid-style action”. Still, the Move hardware is perfect for a Star Wars lightsaber game and I say that with nearly zero authority seeing as how I’ve never used Move controls in my life. That’s entirely Geoff and Nick’s fault though because they hog all the review hardware for themselves. Bastards.

Source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: November 26, 2010

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