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Is Sony prepping serial codes for PS3 games?

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There are numerous ways of adding copy protection and DRM to software. One of the oldest methods, used for years on PC’s as the primary method of enforcement, is serial codes.

According to Dutch website PS3-Sense Sony may, in the wake of recent piracy-enabling hacks, start shipping PS3 game discs with digitally tied, unique serial keys. God, I hope not. On top of the now less frequent mandatory installs, that would be just too much like PC gaming.

According to the site, the serial code system will be very similar to the DRM currently used on Sony’s online PSN service. The included key will be able to be used up to 5 times. This won’t only potentially help curb piracy, but will also stem the tide of 2nd hand software sales – something game publishers are likely to rally behind.

I certainly hope Sony don’t pursue this, because as PC gamers know – serials helped diddly squat and the only people really affected will be those who legitimately purchase games, and then want to trade them in or sell them later.

Source : Edge

Last Updated: February 8, 2011

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