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Is Steam coming to the Xbox 360 now?

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If you haven’t yet bought Portal 2 then go do that. Oh, and get the PS3 version. Why? Well because if you do you can play along with PC and Mac players through the magic of Steam.

This is because the PS3 is Steamworks enabled which also allows you to store your game in the clouds and best of all also gives you the right to play Portal 2 on your PC.

Obviously these sorts of benefits far outweigh the Xbox 360’s offer of a single platform to play on with no cross-platform gaming.

Thus it’s no major surprise that Microsoft may be looking to get Steam onto their Xbox 360’s now and while nothing has officially mentioned it looks like someone at Steam has jumped the gun and already setup the support structure for Steamworks Xbox.


As you can see, if you squint, there is now a drop down in the Steam support section that lets you select Xbox Support.

Now this could simply relate to the numerous Valve games on the Xbox 360 but it is also specifically a Steam support website and not a Valve one so that doesn’t make that much sense.

It could also be an overly ambitious intern for all we know, but seeing as that I’m quite a fan of Steam I’m going to go with this being a possibility that we’ll see announced in the run-up to the silly season.

Source: TheSixthAxis

Last Updated: September 9, 2011

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