Is Team Bondi going down under?

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The studio behind the critically acclaimed LA Noire is facing bankruptcy, according to a report from Kotaku Australia, with studio Head Brendan McNamara looking to merge with another local company, all thanks to recent allegations over tyrannical working conditions, and Rockstar Games publically admitting that they will no longer publish any of their games.

McNamara was recently seen touring the development house of KMM Studios, which is an animation Studio owned by Mad Max and Happy Feet creator George Miller. According to inside studios at Team Bondi, a deal is in the works that will see the staff at the studio absorbed into KMM, who are busy trying to finish the game for the Happy Feet sequel in time for the November release of the film.

A verified source within KMM, has acknowledged George Miller himself has been impressed with Team Bondi’s efforts, as well McNamara’s refusal to compromise any artistic visions for easy deadlines. Another source at Dr. D, the animation wing of KMM, confirmed that, “The word is going round that Team Bondi is being folded into KMM studios, Team Bondi is pretty much doomed after the scandal and can’t find any new supporters, so by doing this they can hide their name.”

KMM is also busy planning a new Mad Max film with a video game tie-in, so don’t be surprised if you see a game set in the Australian post apocalypse landscapes, that features realistic facial acting technology, within the next year or two.

Source: Kotaku Australia


Last Updated: August 8, 2011

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