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Press X to doubt – LA Noire may finally be getting a sequel

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It may look…odd by today’s standards, but LA Noire was a revolution when it first hit console with its many many discs of content back in 2011. A hardboiled whodunnit across multiple cold cases, players stepped into the shoes of police detective and massive jerkass Cole Phelps as he climbed the ranks of the LA police force while trying to ignore the skeletons in the closet.

Team Bondi’s project (which Rockstar Games helped finish off) was a thrilling sandbox with facial tech that was far ahead of the curve just when the decade was getting started. It was a perfect fit for Rockstar’s unique sense of gameplay style that favoured realism over fantasy. So where the heck is the sequel? Nobody knows! Rockstar isn’t spilling the beans, which means that it is Rumour O’Clock!

Here’s the latest one. Over on YouTube, a new topic channel has been generated by YouTube based on several videos for the LA Noire 2 subject. The video itself is no longer active, but it did have a selection of music tracks licensed by Rockstar’s dad Take-Two Interactive. Cheers, Reddit.

Provided to YouTube by Take-Two Interactive Break My Stride – Matthew Wilder The Music of L.A Noire Part Two™ 2020 Warner Chappell Music. Released on: 2020-03-13 Auto-generated by YouTube.

And now for the fun part! The tracks that were listed, happened to be based on 1980s music which of course suggests that LA Noire 2 would be set in the decade of consumerism and consumption. Which seems to be a trendy period of time right now. Speedboats! Pastel suits! Power shoulders in jackets that would make the Space Marines of the Black Templar order jealous!

While naming a channel to Take-Two Interactive is child’s play (I’ve got several Disney channels and a YouTube page dedicated just to slagging off Brad), having actual clearance from the mighty legal team of Warner Bros. Interactive does lend some weight to the rumours. Combined with GTA 6 fans turning up similar content in their own hunt for the truth, and maybe Rockstar Games is ready to head back to LA to solve some crime.

Last Updated: March 18, 2020

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