Is the NGP going to be called PlayStation Vita?

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The NGP is heading towards it’s big E3 reveal and in true Sony style the details are already leaking out all over the place and onto the floor.

Apparently the NGP moniker is going to be dropped at E3 and the official name PlayStation Vita will be announced.

I can’t say I like the name much and it instantly brings back memories of those overly healthy and tasteless pro-vita crackers.

It’s apparently Italian for Life and calling the device a PS Life is actually pretty good so let’s hope they change it for it’s English name before release.

Michael Pachter has already been all over Twitter giving his opinion, which isn’t a positive one.

I’m beginning to think that the dumber the name, the more likely a device will be successful. PSVita one of the dumber names I’ve heard . .

So what does PS Vita make you think off? Is it a good name?

Oh and it’s pronounced Veeta.

Last Updated: May 30, 2011

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