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Is the PS4 outselling the Xbox One 3:1?

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The extremely bored guys over at Neogaf have been checking the real time sales on Amazon using a neat little hack they found. All you need to do is head on over to Amazon and then add the console to your shopping basket.  Then at the checkout change your quantity to something over 900

It will then tell you if there aren’t enough to fulfil your order, simple and totally unscientific really as we don’t know how new products are added to the system or if it reserves these products instantly and then drops the available quantity for everyone else.

Anyway if we presume it doesn’t reserve them and stock isn’t added dynamically as we go then Neogaf’s little research project is quite interesting indeed.


Now remember this is only one day’s worth of data and the Xbox One’s supply to Amazon at least seems to be better than Sony’s so their was no mad rush to buy the Xbox One on this day as there was the PlayStation 4.

However it’s still very interesting to see that once the PS4 base unit sold out the sales for the Xbox One didn’t increase at all, rather the willing buyers just moved onto the next available PS4 bundle until all the units were completely sold out.

At which time the Xbox One sales still didn’t increase.

One day’s snapshot data from one retailer does not a trend predict but it is interesting none the less. What it does mean however is that any Americans who want a PS4 for Christmas are probably now out of luck.

As for locals, last I heard we were sold out again but if you were brave enough to hit the brick and mortar retailers this weekend let me know if you saw one. Since I’m all alone and need friends to talk to.

Last Updated: December 23, 2013

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