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Is the UK more welcoming of woman abuse?

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So is the UK more open to the abuse of women or is America simply overly concerned about a feminist backlash… or is it simply some big marketing ruse? Those are the questions now being put forward to Warner Bros after they revealed two different statues for the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us.

First up we have the American collectors edition


It comes with a downloadable movie, a comic book, 3 in-game DLC skins the actual game and a statue of Wonder Woman and Batman battling it out to the death with Wonder Woman appearing to be dominating, or are they fighting as a team? It’s not a bad setup, and the costume features the usual tweaks that will appeal to certain sides of the market. Just like her current costume in comics, but with less star-spangled fashion added to it.

Next up we have the UK edition


This time we get a fancy box, a steelbook, a comic book, 3 skins and a statue. So no downloadable movie but the big difference really is the different statue.

In this one Wonder Woman is wearing an outfit that includes a 100% increase in pants, which is slightly more restrained. But it also has her losing the fight with Batman having her around the neck and is ready to knock the living daylights out of her. Which is completely unrealistic as Batman is the weakest of all super heroes.

And this is what is causing the online issue.

Are Americans happy with sexualising women but not having them fight on an even playing field or is the UK side wrong for showing violence against women in glamorous light?

All I know is that the UK edition looks like a better quality setup and the idea that either one is portraying violence against women or sexualisation seems a bit of a stretch. But then again I keep being told I’m not part of the female gender and don’t understand. So… enlighten me please?

Oh and of course the most important question of all, which one are we getting? Well the only one I can find selling the collectors edition is kalahari.net who have the UK Xbox 360 edition for sale… so we get Wonder Woman being beaten up.

Last Updated: April 15, 2013

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