Is the Xbox 360 catching the PS3 in Japan?

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In my morning email from Gamasutra there was an article entitled “Xbox 360 Narrows Gap With PS3 During Week” which got me wondering as I was pretty sure the Xbox 360 has been soundly thrashed in the land of the rising sun?

As luck has it I am actually right with the most recent stats showing that the PS3 still enjoys a 2 million unit lead in Japan. However what has got Gamasutra thinking is that the Xbox 360’s weekly sales have slowly increased from 3 000 per week to it’s current state of 8 015 for no real reason.

Granted in the past the 360 has sold well around the time when a new game is being released for the Japanese market but right now there is nothing on the horizon for the PS3 or Xbox 360 and the PS3 only managed to outsell the 360 by 2 000 units… Is this a sign of things to come or simply an after effect of E3?

I would put my money on it being an E3 aftershock, I just cannot see the Xbox 360 doing well in Japan.

The full sales chart is below

DSi: 36,872
PSP: 26,904
Wii: 18,442
PS3: 10,009
Xbox 360: 8,015
DS Lite: 5,408
PS2: 3,498

Source: Gamasutra

Last Updated: June 23, 2009

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