Is the Xbox One still failing to deliver the goods?

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A completely unsubstantiated claim has lit up the Internet this morning stating that the Tomb Raider definitive edition is sub par on the Xbox One compared to how it plays on the PlayStation 4

A website going by the name of Rocket Chainsaw has posted an exclusive article this morning stating that they have a verified source stating that the game plays at an average of 60 frames per second on the PlayStation 4 while the Xbox One’s performance is closer to 30fps.

The Xbox One build can technically reach around 45 fps, though this performance is generally only achieved during the most empty, simplest environments. For most of your play, and during action scenes, the Xbox One build will sit on around 30 fps. On the other hand, the PlayStation 4 build will attempt to hit 60 fps as often as possible, and does a pretty good job of doing so, but does have slight dips under 60 fps during certain scenarios.

They do also state that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are both rendering at 1080p but that the performance is noticeably worse on the Xbox One.

Now a rumour like this from an unknown website is not something we would ever take seriously but with the recent Xbox One games all performing worse than the same game on the PlayStation 4 we are slightly inclined to at least give this report some possibility of being true.

Crystal Dynamics’ Scot Amos has confirmed that the Ps4 version runs at 60fps. 

“Looking here, this is the PS4 version running at 60FPS, again at 1080p,” Amos said during a GamesRadar livestream last night. “That’s awesome for that to be able to showcase because when you get your hands on it you can feel it.”

Thankfully we don’t need to wait long as the game hits shelves next week and if this is true expect a detailed and honest review of the technical abilities of each title by Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry. Until then we just have to wait and see but at least we have this cool infographic from HalloweenCostumes to keep us entertained until then. It’s pretty big so click the snippet to view the entire thing

Last Updated: January 23, 2014

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