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Is this sequence from Deus Ex racist?

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Obviously being raised in South Africa means that we are all acutely aware of racism and the horrors that can unfold if it’s allowed to spread.

So when people claim they are seeing racism in video games I’m always very interested in seeing if it’s possibly true. I doubt that there are many developers out there who would put racism into a game on purpose but there is a lot of latent racism that we just don’t realise is damaging unless it’s affecting us personally.

The latest claim is levelled against the video clip above which has been taken from Deus Ex and seem to be around Letitia’s accent which apparently is from the old slavery days.

From my side I don’t see any racism in the above clip as she is being treated with respect and comes across as an intelligent if unfortunate human being. For me the main goal of racism is to define a group as lower than you and while the lady in the clip is obviously poor I’m pretty sure she isn’t the only one.

Now if every poor person in Deus Ex was black then maybe there could be something but in my opinion this is just someone looking for a free ride by claiming racism.

From Square Enix’s side they had this to say

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a fictional story which reflects the diversity of the world’s future population by featuring characters of various cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds


Source: GamesRadar

Last Updated: September 2, 2011

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