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Is this the sickest thing you’ve seen in Skyrim?

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Skyrim has received a lot of plaudits for being an incredibly open and vast experience where you can pretty much do whatever you like.

Generally this has meant people hording things like armour, weapons or even dead bodies. Or possibly blatantly attacking civilians just for laughs but this new video has taken depravity to a whole new level and you can understand why certain people are scared of videogames.

Be warned that the video above may lead you to question the fate of humanity while also plotting how you could possibly do something more depraved than this.

But then again the same person made this hauntingly beautiful time lapse video of the same game, granted the top video has nearly half a million hits and this one hasn’t hit 2000 so it’s obvious which one humanity thinks is better.

I for one am glad that I don’t live in the same country as Symixable though, someone who can seriously decapitate 9 characters and then store them and their bodies in such a creepy manner definitely has some seriously lose screws up stairs.

Last Updated: December 6, 2011

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