Is this the single greatest gaming setup, of all time?

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Most of my gaming sessions end in a really difficult boss fight. Perhaps it would be better if I didn't take my console into work.

I have this dream. It revolves around winning the Powerball lottery, and using the money to build myself a fortress of solitude. Probably somewhere in Cape Town. Of course, my future mansion is going to have a rather kickass entertainment room, with big screen TVs, chairs made from some sort of endangered animal leather and a gaming setup that will give anyone who walks into the room a massive rush of blood to the groin.

And then I saw this setup, which promptly kicked my dream in the nads, shattering it with this overpowering tribute to gaming majesty .

Let’s have a look at some of the 24 systems that owner 16BitGhost has on display there. So far, he has:

  • Sega Dreamcast
  • Sega Saturn
  • Nintendo Gamecube
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Atari Jaguar
  • Playstation 1 and 2
  • Original Xbox
  • Sega Genesis/Megadrive

And then there’s that stunning collection of vintage and retro games. I don’t know how he managed to hook up two dozen systems to one TV, but that’s the kind of gaming lair that I want be buried in.

Like a mausoleum that celebrates multiple generations of gaming. I think I might have to give my architect this video to watch, after I win the jackpot tonight.

Last Updated: May 18, 2012

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