Is Valve making a new Counter-Strike?

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Counter-Strike is probably the most successful video game mod ever made – with Valve acquiring the rights and turning it in to a fully-fledged series of games. It’s a fantastic team-based first person shooter that pits bomb-planting terrorists against a team of counter-terrorists in a round-based format. It’s also spawned one of the most toxic online communities, filled with whiny ultra-competitive children. In fact, you’ll find hordes of ‘em still arguing over whether or not Counter-Strike 1.6 is better than Source . The game’s also been blamed for countless real-life shootings and massacres.

Word is Valve’s got a new one coming.

It seems that prominent members of the eSports community have been play-testing a version of the new game, called Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This is largely down to supposition, conjecture and the loose-lipped ramblings of those who’re apparently privy to the new game. ESL Pro manger Bastian Vieser backed up the rumour via social blab-factory Twitter , saying  “Just spend all day playing the new Counterstrike Global Offensive #CSGO at the #Valve HQ ! God I love my job.. oh and yeah… its that good!” He was definitely at Valve.

Here are the collected rumours so far :

  • Planned to be released Q1 2012
  • Focuses on 5v5 competition
  • Plays on an updated source engine
  • Individual & Team rankings
  • New Guns added
  • New Grenades
  • Dust & Aztec major revamp
  • Spamming still viable
  • Ammo is free
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From that, it seems to be more of a large update than an entirely new game. Either way, it does likely mean that it’ll be ported, in some fashion, to the PS3 and Xbox 360 – the first time the series has graced a home console since 2004’s Xbox release. What do you think? In this world of Modern Warfare and Battlefield, is there still space for Counter-Strike?

Source : Kotaku

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Last Updated: August 12, 2011

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