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Issues playing Dragon's Lair on Blu-ray

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Dragons Lair

 There is a report running around that the newly remastered Dragons Lair on Blu-Ray is not working with older Blu-Ray players and there are possible sound problems on the PS3.

The guys who control Blu-Ray recently came up with the latest required specs for Blu-Ray players and virtually all the first generation players (including the PS3) do not have the required hardware and software.

So it is entirely possible that if you are one of the people who ran out to get a brand new Blu-Ray player it is going to become a doorstop in the next year.

There is no news yet on whether a firmware update will be available to bring the PS3 into line or if they will actually have to change the physical hardware.

Well, with the recent talks about tightening the requirements for Blu-ray players, our guess is that this guy’s got an older model with, possibly, lower specs than other BD Players out there.

Source: Issues playing Dragon’s Lair on Blu-ray? – PS3 Fanboy

Last Updated: April 11, 2007

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