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It seems like Black Ops 3 on PC has a few issues

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Call of Duty games on PC haven’t been as strong in recent times as they used to be. Most of the focus has shifted over to consoles (for sound, financial reasons), leaving the PC versions of Call of Duty to wallow in mediocrity. They’re often broken, and lacking a strong user base; a vicious cycle that seems set to keep on repeating. And even when they do have players, the lobbies are filled with cheaters, set to ruin the experience for everybody else.

It seems we may, once again, have a busted version of Call of Duty on PC. According to early reports, there are some serious problems plaguing the PC port right now. A few users are reporting that the PC version chugs along at unplayable framerates, even in the menus, where it can take up to two seconds to process a frame.

So says Giantbomb’s Jeff Gertsman, amongst others.

Others are reporting odd graphical glitches, while others still report that the performance, even on high end machines, is worse than it should be.

Treyarch is aware of issues, and offers this as a tip:

“There have been reports of certain i5 CPUs having performance issues causing very low frame rates – We are still working on the final solution for this issue, but we have had reports that changing WorkerThreads = 4 to WorkerThreads = 2 in your config.ini file can help (In the game folder, commonly located here, C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty Black Ops III\players\config.ini).
We have also noticed that some systems may get better input response with FPS Cap set just below refresh rate. If you have a 60hz monitor, you can try enabling Vsync and setting your FPS Cap to 58. “

Of course, because Pc game development and support is a weird and wonderful beast, many report that the game is working just fine, and that reports of issues are overblown. Whatever the problems are, they seem like they could be easily fixed with a patch.

Still, you may want to give it a skip for now if the PC version was your platform of choice. Reports on the console versions thus far are positive, save for those ugly old-gen ones – which apparently look and run worse than Black Ops 1 did all those years ago.

Last Updated: November 6, 2015

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