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Itagaki : Western games have enormous budgets

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Former Team Ninja head Tomonobu Itagaki is currently busy with ridiculously violent action game Devil’s Third for THQ. According to him, Western publishers are keen to throw money around – because the development budget for Devil’s Third is nearly the same as the budget for all of his previous games combined.

"The one thing that’s completely different between the Eastern publisher and Western publisher is the budget,” he told Game Informer. “ I’ve made more than 30 games, and if you put a little bit more into the one I’m making now, Devil’s Third, I could make all of the 30 games I made before. That’s the big difference. The budget you use for the promotion is completely different too. Those are the biggest differences."

I can’t help but feel that maybe if THQ reined in the cash a little, they wouldn’t have to let 240 staff go, and likely wouldn’t be in the predicament they’re in now, though their renewed focus on core gamers should end up serving them well. THQ currently has  Darksiders 2, Metro: Last Light, South Park RPG, Devil’s Third in the works – as well as an as yet unannounced game from former Ubisoft employee and Assassin’s Creed mastermind Patrice Désilets.

Last Updated: February 28, 2012

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