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It’s all in the swing with this Play Arts Kai Thor figure

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Whosoever reads this article, be they worthy, shall possess the power of mighty D! Well, it’s not that mighty, and you’ll actually find your physical strength greatly diminished, your height shortened and your costume a disappointing blend of rubber and super-glue. But what you will gain, is an encyclopaedic knowledge of Batman, skin thick enough to shrug off a nuclear insult and the ability to summon cats. Not that bad, right?

Alternatively, you can get your hands on the Play Arts Kai Thor figure from Square Enix. The mighty thunder god of Asgard is looking mighty fine as a collectible, having received the Play Arts Kai touch that heroes such as Iron Man and Spider-Man have recently benefited from. While the armour itself is deadly enough to stab a few eyes should you get too close to it, I’m digging that Mjolnir action.

Mew-mew’s got a sweet swinging action touch added to it, a bunch of extra hands, an angry face and some lightning with which to call the thunder down with. THUNDAH! NANANANANANANANA! THUNDAH! I dig the figure. It looks so completely mental, but that’s what I dig about the Play Arts Kai range, as they just take that ball of madness and run with it.

Thor is currently priced at 14,800 yen, or around $122. Which might mean that my bank account is about to find me unworthy.

Last Updated: May 22, 2015

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