It’s Bioshock Infinite – The board game!

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So, everyone loves Bioshock Infinite to the point where it could eat a baby in front of you, and you’d still praise it. It’s a damn good game overall, even if it isn’t my personal GOTY, and of course, it has some merch lined up. So throw on a snappy Songbird Hoodie and get hammered on the official Vigour absinthe, because there’s a board game on the way!

Designed by Plaid Hat Games, Bioshock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia takes players back to the quantum floating city of the past, and puts them in the middle of the events that saw Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth travelling through the ruined city.


It’s two teams of one or two players against one another according to Destructoid, as players take turns to either battle it out as the founders of Columbia, or slap on some face paint on as the Vox Populi

The game comes with detailed figures that includes Songbird, zeppelins and handymen, amongst others. The first rulebook for the game is going online soon, and a pre-order of $60 nets you the Monopoly-killer in two to five months time.

This should hopefully tide those of you over who rushed through the game. So shut up about that ending, all right? I still need to finish the game myself.

Last Updated: April 5, 2013

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