It's not the size that counts

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Top Japanese game developer, Hideki Kamiya, commented on game lengths over the weekend. Famous for games such as Devil May Cry, Bayonetta and Okami, he is also the name behind the upcoming Wii U title Wonderful 101. In any event, he tweeted

If u hate to finish a game the next day u buy it, u better not play TW101. I focus on how it is fun, not how long it lasts till the ending.

Makes sense to me, and I honestly wish more game developers would take this approach. I’m so tired of running around (hopefully on horses) from one end of the world to another, or revisiting the same location 900 times because now things are different and I need to check with everyone in the world if they noticed. And don’t even get me started on randomly added multiplayer!

Sure, I love an RPG that takes hours to play. I’m that kinda girl. But I also loved Batman: Arkham Asylum even though it took a weekend to play. Stop worrying about overfilling games with features and extra bells and whistles – make sure it’s a decent game and the rest will follow!

Last Updated: April 30, 2013

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