It's Official: Gran Turismo 5 Out In November

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Guess what… in less than two weeks, you could be playing Gran Turismo 5!

We recently posted that BT Games had GT5 up for a November 25th release, but a lot of our readers were quick to shoot the story down on the grounds that it was just a placeholder date based on the rumours going around the net.

Well, the readers were wrong and BT Games was right because we now know for certain that Gran Turismo 5 is coming in November.

It has now been officially confirmed that Gran Turismo 5 will be releasing on November 24 in the US and Europe, November 25 in Japan and what we can expect as Friday release in South Africa, which lands us on November 26.

I always had hope that after the delay and the late production, Gran Turismo 5 would still be able to have a 2010 release, even though friends were telling me that it’s just impossible. I can confidently say that I have waited long enough for this game and I am now over the idea of having to wait a minute longer.

I simply cannot wait, and I assume that every petrol-head like me shares the same amount of excitement as I do, I need to find a way to make the next couple of days go quicker. I’m thinking 3 bottles of tequila and a few sleeping pills. On second thought, maybe I should just wait it out.

Decisions, decisions… sigh.

Last Updated: November 15, 2010

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