It’s old Kirk vs old Gorn in this new trailer for Star Trek the game

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Hell, my career is dead anyway.

When it comes to titans clashing, there are few TV series and big screen movies that can hold a candle to the 1967 confrontation between Starfleet captain James T Kirk and a member of the Gorn, who happen to resemble the Reptilian race that lives inside our hollow planet. But that was for all the wrong reasons, as you can see for yourself in the trailer below.

To say that William Shatner dodged blows that were more telegraphed than an attack from an actual telegraph pole that had come to life, is an understatement. Kirk versus the Gorn is so painfully paced, that it makes the Jiu Jutsu method of waiting for people to fall on top of them and face certain doom a graceful art in comparison.

Still, at least William Shatner and the developers behind the upcoming Star Trek movie tie-in game have a sense of humour, with that epically bad fight played out for laughs in the trailer.

The game is out in April, just in time for Star Trek Into Darkness which warps onto screens in mid-May, which Gavin refuses to believe counts as actual Star Trek canon. The memories from the classically bad fight though? Those will live forever.

Last Updated: April 3, 2013

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