It’s possible to use unplayable characters in Mortal Kombat X

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I hate all of you that are currently enjoying the latest Mortal Kombat. My fomo is so severe that I dug up my Vita copy of MK9 last night, climbed into bed, and simply cuddled with it. One thing I noticed as I wiped my tears away however, is that there are many, many characters that didn’t transition to MKX – at least not in a playable form. Characters like Baraka, Sindel, and Rain for example, make appearances in  story mode, but are completely unplayable… or are they? Is it possible to make use of these them?

It certainly is – if you have PC version of the game. A reddit user by the name of XVermillion did some tampering with the files and succeeded in getting Rain, Baraka, and Sindel as playable characters. Here’s Rain in action (via Kotaku):

There are other files you can change to get stuff like Rain’s name under the health Bar but the only files I modded are in the “Assets” folder I believe; there should be 2 associated with Rain ( and another one I can’t remember but you can just search the folder for Rain)

Anyway, I backed up the files for Shinnok (the character I’m replacing) and renamed Rain’s files to match those associated with Shinnok’s 1st costume slot ( and one other, the one that matches Rain’s other one) and moved ’em to the folder and overwrote Shinnok’s old files with the newly renamed Rain files.

It’s possible to use the same method above for Sindel and Baraka. Here they are in action:

These characters exist in the game solely for story purposes. It does make me wonder if they’ll be “unlocked” as DLC at a later stage though. I really hope not; it wouldn’t be cool of NetherRealm to include characters and hide them behind paywalls. Then again, maybe that is not their intention at all – perhaps these characters are only there for the story, nothing more.

Still, I know I will miss some characters when I finally get my copy of the game. Dammit Ed Boon, WHERE IS MY JADE?


Last Updated: April 17, 2015

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