It’s Squirrel Girl vs Wondercon 2015!

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Little known fact: The most dangerous entity in all of the Marvel Universe isn’t Thanos, Galactus or Apocalypse. It’s Squirrel Girl. Yes, that Squirrel Girl. Seriously, she’s an Omega-level threat who has handed various heavyweight villains their asses to them. Doctor Doom? Not even his vaunted might and intellect could stop his armour from being obliterated by a swarm of squirrels! So what happens when she expands her horizons and takes on an entire Wondercon of cosplayers? Asses are kicked, that’s what.

D Piddy, who you might remember from that happy cosplay video, captured the nutty adventures of cosplayer Zerggiee’s trip to WonderCon as Squirrel Girl. Many a cosplayer died as she rampaged through Wondercon, and it was completely adorable to watch:

Remember kids: Squirrels are the natural enemy of all life.

Last Updated: April 15, 2015

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