Jack Thompson tells us all to go to Hell

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God bless Jack Thompson, in a world full of loonies he manages to reign supreme when it comes to the gaming community and no matter how many times he is proven wrong or disbarred he just keeps coming back for more.

This time he has decided to keep it short and sweet and has told ripten.com the following when asked to comment on the Taliban being removed from Medal of Honor

“Sure.   I win again, as usual.  Any gamers who don’t think so and who don’t appreciate what I do to protect our culture can go to Hell.”

However that short succinct email wasn’t enough to quell his bizarre levels of anger and he quickly re-emailed

“and please add:  Any gamers that don’t know how to get to Hell on an expedited basis, let me know, and I’ll send along the cheat code to get there more quickly.”

Isn’t Jack awesome. Anyway the official line from EA is that they removed the Taliban moniker as a sign of respect to the families of the soldiers who have been killed in battle. Whether that’s true and it wasn’t more to do with the government/shareholders coming down on them hard behind the scenes will never be know but what we can be sure of is that Jack had bugger all to do with it.

Source: Ripten

Last Updated: October 6, 2010

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