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Jack Thompson to be disbarred – permanently

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It seems that the gaming nemesis that is Jack Thompson is about to be kicked out of the legal system for good.

The judge in the recent Jack Thompson court case rejected the States proposed 10 year ban and has in fact rather recommended a permanent disbarment AND a fine of $43,675.35.

She also went on to state that Jack will also have no reapply for admission… Which means that he ain’t ever going to be a lawyer again.

I also suspect that this is going to open him up to a whole heap of law suits as according to the judge

‘This case involves factual findings of cumulative misconduct, a repeated pattern of behavior relentlessly forced upon numerous unconnected individuals, a total lack of remorse or even slight acknowledgement of inappropriate conduct”

It seems like Jack as been a bad boy and has now been heavily punished… Is that champagne I hear uncorking in Rockstar’s offices?

I highly doubt Jack is going to take this lying down but I also think he has lost the plot and will be slapped down hard again when he starts his next round of crap.

Source: GamePolitics.com

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Last Updated: July 13, 2008

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