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Japan: Get real emails from your fake videogame girlfriend!

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Love Plus, the dating sim from Konami is ludicrously popular in Japan. It pretty much allows Japanese Forever Alones to have a virtual girlfriend, without any of the brain-numbing issues of having a real one.

There’s a new version of the game hitting the 3DS tomorrow, bringing an extra dimension to the digital paramours, in more way than one.

New Love Plus, in 3D, hits tomorrow, but in the mean time Konami has released on the Japanese eShop (for a fee, of course), which allows players to import their previous Love Plus data in to the new game. It also works with the 3DS’ augmented reality so gamers can take life-sized photographs of their fake girlfriends in real-life environments and print them out on A3 or A4 paper.

Coupled with that is a new paid-for service called Girlfriend Mail, where players will receive e-mails detailing completely fake day-to-day activities from their video game girlfriends, link the service to their games – so that data, like pet names, contained in them is specific. Players will also get “special mail” on birthdays and anniversaries., It’s free right now, but after March players will have to shell out the equivalent of $4 a month.

This is beyond sad. In my day, fantasy and masturbation were enough. You might think this sort of sadness is relegated to Japan, and for now it is – but the number of petitions to bring Love Plus to the West is startling.

Last Updated: February 14, 2012

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