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Jedi: Fallen Order is more like a Metroidvania than we were led to believe…

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The gameplay loop of Respawn’s single player Star Wars game seems to focus much more on upgrades and unlocks than just platforming and combat.


Last weekend, the world held its breath in anticipation. Jedi: Fallen Order was receiving its first gameplay trailer and everyone was excited to see just what it would all look like. Respawn, one of the finest action game developers of this generation, and Star Wars, a franchise with so much untapped potential, united together in what could only a true display of…was that it? That gameplay trailer…was it?

We all kinda sighed when we got our first glimpse at the game because it look kinda “meh”. Not bad, just uninspired. Like Uncharted except Star Wars and without the beautifully choreographed action sequences. This lacklustre demonstration left many people wondering what the future of this game was but it seems there may be more under Fallen Order’s hood than we expected.


Speaking about his hands-on time with the game during this week’s GiantBomb’s Beastcast, Brad Shoemaker discussed how Fallen Order plays much more like a Metroidvania than a linear action game.

“You have a ship and a crew and there’s a bunch of planets and you can just fly between them at will” said Shoemaker, quoting a developer he met during his time with the game. “You can kinda go do the planets in whatever order,” meaning that the game will be a far less linear experience than many people thought it would be. Furthermore, each location will initially start with a vague map of the area which can only be filled out properly by exploring the environment. Certain paths will also be locked until certain upgrades are obtained, such as an enhancement to your droid buddy that allows him to tamper with fuse boxes. So it sounds like there’ll be a good deal of backtracking with an emphasis placed on previously inaccessible areas that can be unlocked the more upgrades you discover during your travels. Powers found on one planet may unlock a whole series of new rooms and areas on previously discovered areas, hopefully leading to some interesting moments of exploration.


Beyond the Metroid comparisons, Shoemaker also stated that Fallen Order will feature “meditation points” that players can rest at to enhance their skills. When resting at these points, all the enemies in the area will respawn and return to their original locations while shortcuts between these save points become available the deeper you explore the planets. Sound familiar?


If the whole of Fallen Order does turn out to be a game that is taking inspiration from both Metroid and Dark Souls, I think the experience will be something far more interesting than what was shown off to the public. Star Wars is a universe that is just begging for some deeper exploration of its worlds and if Respawn can successfully channel their gameplay to both evoke a sense of discovery and mastery over the game’s systems, that sounds like it could be one Hell of a game. To listen to the full description of Brad Shoemaker’s time with the game, the link to the podcast is here.

Last Updated: June 18, 2019

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