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Jetpack Spartans invade Trafalgar Square

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Halo: Reach comes out today! I’m excited. Are you excited?  If all goes well there should be a courier man dropping off my copy sometime today. In the meantime I’ll have to quell my explosive excitement by staring in awe at these amazing pictures from the Halo: Reach launch event in London. They had jetpacks; authentic, proper, strap-me-on-and-fly-around-for-real jetpacks. That is so awesome, and it totally makes sense seeing as how jetpacks are making an appearance in Halo: Reach! It’s almost as if Rocketman (the Texas based jetpack company) knew that their calling was to outdo every other game release event ever, and that’s why they spent tons of cash developing jetpacks.

Dressed up in full Spartan armour, Dan Schlund flew around London’s Trafalgar Square in celebration of the release of Bungie’s newest and final Halo game. I don’t know about you, but had Bungie made a “Halo: Reach Super Legendary Edition of Pure Awesome” that came with a jetpack instead of some shoddy diorama, then I would have picked it up for sure, even if it meant I’d have had to sell my car, house and first-born child in order to afford it. Who needs a home or family when you can have a jetpack and Halo: Reach?

Loads more awesome pics over at the source: Daily Mail website.

Last Updated: September 14, 2010

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