Good old John Carmack. I love the old-school gamer legends – grandfathers of gaming should always be allowed to weigh in on things. Sometimes they’re right, but sometimes we get to point and laugh at them down the line. Carmack has offered his latest bit of opinion, but only time will tell if he gets derided about it.

Carmack admits that he was wrong about Steam. When Valve initially approached him with the concept of Steam and asked to add Doom 3, he says

We basically said, ‘Are you crazy? This would be nuts to try to kind of tie yourselves to this little, notional digital distribution platform.’ But clearly, Valve has played a good, strong, long game.

So, does he think Steam Machines will be a success? After qualifying that he may be wrong again, Carmack explains that he’s skeptical about a new console OS being a big success.

It still seems a little bit dicey to me, getting everything moved over to Linux, pushing from that side of things.

That said, Carmack goes on to say that if it were anyone else proposing this concept, he’d be “pseudo-scornful” but since it’s from Valve, he is not. I suppose that means we just have to wait and see if the idea of Steam Machines picks up.

You guys know that I’m amped for the Steam Machine – I seriously want one. That said, I’m part of a small and unique segment of society. Will Steam Machines be successful in the general market, or just among “enthusiasts”? I hope it takes off, but I have a feeling I’ll be one a select group of people enjoying those vibrating touch pads.

Last Updated: October 21, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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