Join me for a nostalgic journey through a slice of my childhood

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I hate unpacking my suitcase after a long trip away. It just seems so tedious. This time, however, I was excited to return home and check out just some of my spoils, mostly because I had brought a piece of my childhood with me. Check out just a small part of my retro collection.

I still haven’t sorted through the NES cartridges, and many games had to be left in America due to weight limits on baggage returning home. Still. Check out these babies.


Of course we have to start with Final Fantasy, one of the formative franchises for me in my youth. After playing Final Fantasy I to death, Final Fantasy II and III were eventually released. However, remember that these are the North American versions, so actually it was Final Fantasy V and VI. I still have incredible memories of playing Final Fantasy III (actually VI) with my brother. Yes, it actually allowed for couch co-op in a sense; I could take control of specific characters in combat. I was far more adept at Sabin’s Blitz abilities, and thus I was allowed to play this game with him.

Secret of Mana

Secret of Mana was also a game that I originally played in co-op with my brother. He controlled the sword slinger while I was in charge of the two lady mages. Mostly, I had to handle them because their AI was so unwieldy that they’d often end up wandering off all over the map.

Chrono trigger and secret of evermore

I have waxed lyrical about Chrono Trigger far too often. How did SquareSoft do it back then? How could they publish so many incredible games in such quick succession? See, this is why I love Square Enix so much, even when they make silly decisions. Their games were such a key part of my gaming coming of age.

Oh, and I know lots of people like to rag on Secret of Evermore, but that really was a fun game. Boy and his dog who changes depending on the time period? Winner! Plus, this game was the first title that taught me about having a tank. My dog was so over powered and could tank all the things while fought primarily with ranged weaponry.

Mortal kombat 1

You know how popular Mortal Kombat X is? It all started for me right here with Mortal Kombat on SNES. It didn’t have blood because that was seen as too gory for kids, so whenever you punched a character the sweat would go flying off of them. Somehow, though, it was still fine for Kano to rip a heart out of someone’s chest in a fatality, and if you did an uppercut fatality on the bridge your opponent would still fall onto the spikes below. That’s totally child friendly, right?

I promise that I will share more of my awesome retro collection as I unpack and organize it, but this made me far too happy not to share. Do you still have some of your childhood treasures like these? Which retro games would you love to own in physical form again, or are the PC and mobile ports better anyway?

Last Updated: June 30, 2015

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