July Draw for Lazygamer SuperBru Rugby Prediction (now that’s a mouthful)

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It’s time once again to give away some games randomly, many of you have wondered what happened to the Lazygamer SuperBru Rugby pool and the promised monthly prizes, and I am here to put that wondering at ease. So without further a due, let’s get to the random draw for that awesome game.

July Superbru 3x draw

Well well well, what do you know? Loftie (Nathan Loftie-eaton) cracks the pole position! Congrats meneer! Let the lovely folks here at Lazygamer know what your preferred platform is for Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge 2 so that you can start gaming ASAP.

But wait…there is more!

Just because you guys are so damn awesome, there is a bit of a surprise here: We are giving away two more copies of Rugby Challenge 2! That’s right congrats to Captain Fantasic (JAMES WILLIAMS) for second place and also congrats to Jpret (Jan Pretorius) for snapping up third position!

Since the Super Rugby season is nearing the end, I thought of providing some incentive as to avoid (or win) the grand UNDERPANTS prize! And to be honest, it smells beyond ripe at the moment. I’m excluding those who abandoned the competition the last few weeks unless you guys feel the need to punish them further by having the underpants delivered to their place of work or have it assigned at some public ceremony?

Our contenders are as follow:

2013-07-17 - bottom bit

Hold the phone…is that? Sir-Rants-a-lot-Llew? And FoxOneZA? Even Gavin made it on this list! *GASP* I suggest you last placers get your act together (unless you really want uber-smelly underpants) and make sure that your picks are in for these coming weekends.

Oh, the last placer (American) only joined a few weeks ago and has not made any contribution to the cause. So I think that the person who is a true Lazygamer and occupies last position is the worthy Underpants-Lord!


Things are also quite tight at the top, with anyone being able to snap up the victory with these next few weeks of ruggas ahead. AlwynvZyl has a lead of about four points followed quite closely by the combined (more or less) second place squad of four. So it’s still anyone’s game. Make sure you guys stay on top of your game to ensure your victory.

2013-07-17 - top 30

Please note that if you haven’t yet joined, you are now unable to join the pool since the competition is drawing to a close. The SuperBru staff has locked any further entries into pools (ok, not really, but it’s a mission to allow additional entries as I need to contact them etc.)

This is the Admiral Chief, signing off, until next time.

Last Updated: July 17, 2013

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