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Just Cause 3 (3)

So y’all want a revolution? There’s more than one way to get aroun Medici in Just Cause 3. The best way obviously employs the combination use of your grappling hook, parachute and wingsuit. But there’s also plenty of vehicles to strap yourself into as well, from bikes to cars, choppers and jets. To get your hands on them, you’re going to need to find and unlock said vehicles for your rebel drops. Here’s a handy list then, for most of them.

I’ll throw in more locations later for other vehicles that can be found in Just Cause 3. But if you’re looking for some bang for your buck, these are the four-wheelers that you’ll be wanting to get your hands and hooks on.



Location: 45.245N, 39.815E

How to Unlock: Take control of the Cava Grande Secunda base in the Prospere province.

Mugella Furia MS-316

Location: 40.38.593N, 42.693E

How to Unlock: Take control of Laguna Del Sol


Just Cause 3 (6)

Custom Geschwind

How to Unlock: A reward for performing all 13 Stunt Jumps in the Insula Fonte region.

Custom Kletterer 300

How to Unlock: A reward for performing all 10 Stunt Jumps in the Insula Dracon region.

Incendiario Monster Truck

How to Unlock: A reward for performing all 7 Stunt Jumps in the Insula Striate region.

Combat Vehicles

Just Cause 3 (1)

Urga HOUND 7 V8

Location: 39.952N, 41.759E

How to Unlock:  Take control of the Le Tutor base in the Nord Sirocco region.


Location: 41.232N, 42.278E

How to Unlock: Take control of the Porto Le Gratia base in the Lavanda region.

Urga STURM 63A

Location: 47.289N, 33.590E

How to Unlock: Take control of the Cava Geminos base in the Sud Rocca Blauda region.


Location: 41.357N, 43.561E

How to Unlock: Take control of the Cima Leon: Silos base in the Lacos region.

CART Urga 570

Location: 47.538N, 34.628E

How to Unlock: Take control of the Cava Geminos Est base in the Rocca Blauda region.

Vintage Cars

Just Cause 3 (5)

Stria Cucciola

Location: 40.40.548N, 545.237E

How to Unlock: Liberate Manea

Stria Carera G

Location: 40.40.551N, 545.229E


Just Cause 3 (7)

Bavarium Tank

Location: 46.925, 43.347

How to Unlock: Liberate Cava Montana

Airplanes and Choppers

Just Cause 3 (2)

Bomber Jet

Location: 49.621, 32.301

How to Unlock: Liberate Vulture base.

Fighter Jet

Location: 44.510, 44.631

How to Unlock: Liberate Griphon base.

Navajo Assault Chopper

Location: 41.145, 37.401

How to Unlock: Liberate Puncta Sud base.

Fastest Assault Chopper

How to Unlock: Collect all audio tapes or finish the campaign

Cargo Plane

Location: 48.135, 41.749

How to Unlock: Liberate Falco Maxime base.

Last Updated: December 3, 2015

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