Just Cause gameplay reminiscent of Crackdown

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One of Crackdowns best parts, apart from being an awesome super soldier, was the ability to climb the tallest buildings and leap off them like some sort of deranged adrenalin nut.

Well Just Cause 2 has grabbed that idea with both hands and enhanced it, not only can you climb the tallest building around and leap off it but you can then deploy a parachute, pull out your weapons and start raining down hell on your enemy.

The physics around controlling the parachute appear to be a little generous with you being able to climb, spin and accurately control your speed without worrying to much about trivial things like gravity. Maybe this is how it really is in real life but I am yet to experience the blood curdling scream that will accompany me being thrown out of a window so I can only guess that it isn’t this straight forward.

However I have still left out the best part, not only are you armed with an ability to jump off the highest building but you also come with the ability to shoot a grappling hook and pull yourself along or up. So you can either climb a building by shooting a hook into it and pulling yourself up one storey at a time or you can use your hook to grab onto a passing car, release your parachute and become one with the birds.

If you can’t quite imagine it all then make sure you check out the video below.

Last Updated: September 14, 2009

Gavin Mannion

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