Gaming is not only about overly sized men killing each other in testosterone fuelled battle. No, in fact there are some great party games that were shown at Gamescom 2013 as well and my personal favourite was Just Dance 2014 from Ubisoft.

Now believe it or not I’m actually a huge fan of the Just Dance series and while it hasn’t done anything to make me stop looking like an epileptic whale on the dance floor it is easily one of the most entertaining games to play with the family.

Darryn and Geoff

My girls adore the game and have spent many an hour dancing it out in front of the TV. But there has always been the issues with Just Dance that it simply isn’t fun to play by yourself and there is only so much bopping that I can do.

So with this in mind Ubisoft has introduced a brand new online functionality where you can literally join the exact song the rest of the world is currently dancing to in real time. You can’t choose what song you want to dance to but rather there is a set playlist that the entire world is dancing to simultaneously. You then get ranked across the world against everyone in real time so you really can say you are the best Just Dance player on the planet if you hit number 1.

After the song you are either given the chance to vote on which song next, out of two, or you seem to be able to choose a theme for the next song.

The demo was quite impressive with a skype video setup so we could watch the French studio team dance against the professional dancers at Gamescom and it all seemed to work perfectly.

You can also start your own crew which can have up to 8 people and while I lost track here of what exactly the crew was for, remember the professional dancer was still going, but it appears that you challenge other crews in dance offs and get ranked.

And then if you think your dance is awesome you can upload your video to the servers so everyone else can watch you do your thang.

It’s a nice addition to what is possibly the best dance game out at the moment and there is no need to panic the rest of the offline abilities are all still there.

Last Updated: September 10, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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