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Justice has dawned in Batman: Arkham Knight

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I’m a huge fan of video games that include photo modes. Filters! Dutch angles! Exposure! Contrast! There’s nothing like capturing that perfect video game moment, and then fine-tuning it further with a cold filter and just the right amount of tilt. I’ve seen several games push out fantastic examples of screenshot technology, from The Last of Us to Mad Max.

Recently, Batman: Arkham Knight also added some photography to the core game. Similar to the Mad Max model, it works beautifully, and straight from the pause screen. Naturally, I couldn’t resist the idea of taking photos of a mentally damaged vigilante, with equipment that would cost me the same price as a 1990s Ferrari if I wanted it in real life.

I also decided to dress my dark knight up, in the Batfleck duds that he’ll be sporting in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Just Juice Justice. And as a Batman fan, I’m in love with this suit. This, is the closest that we’ll ever get to a proper comic book interpretation of the iconic Batsuit.

After all, this particular Batsuit has been in fashion ever since the massive No Man’s Land storyline ended way back in 2000. It was a back to basics approach then, that saw the caped crusader ditch the black suit inspired by the Tim Burton movies for something simpler. And I think the Kevlar-nomex weave that Ben Affleck wears in Dawn of Justice, was ripped straight from the comics. Anyway, onto the pictures where I terrorise jaywalkers in Gotham City with broken bones.

And don’t forget the new Batmobile either! Sure, the Tumbler that Christian Bale drove around Gotham in was a meaty tank, but I prefer this latest incarnation. It’s mean, it’s vicious, it’s the right kind of ugly and it clearly means business:

Next year looks like a terrific 365 days for the superhero genre, on both big and small screens. We’ve got Captain America: Civil War, Doctor Strange, Batman V Superman and Preacher just to name a few. I’ll take pictures!

Last Updated: November 26, 2015

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