Justin Bieber used Kinect at his concert…

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That fuzzy little dwarf above isn’t Geoff but is rather another fuzzy little dwarf, it is the amazingly annoying Justin Bieber who I was desperately hoping would never make an appearance on this site.

However I stumbled across a YouTube video earlier that I just had to share, it seems that in early August Microsoft decided to throw a substantial amount of money his way and actually turned the opening of a Justin Bieber concert into one giant Kinect advert.

The idea’s pretty solid as the teeny boppers who swoon over Bieber will pretty much buy anything that is even closely related to him and with this concert I would guess that Microsoft has just sold another 50 000 Kinects.

At the same time however it has made it harder for me to pick one up from a shop.. I guess I am going to have to order mine online now… in the name of my daughter… and get it delivered next door.

Thanks to some good fortune I can’t embed the video so if you want to watch it you are going to have to head on over to YouTube and numb your brain some there.

Last Updated: September 14, 2010

Gavin Mannion

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