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There are a bunch of awesome games coming this year. If you haven’t checked it out already, you really should have a browse through Darryn’s awesome list of all the big games coming in 2014. Some cool games are also getting collector’s editions. If you want to secure a copy, it’s generally best to pre-order.

Kalahari has put together a nifty list of all the games to pre-order in 2014 and with decent discounts. I know I’m just a sucker for a pretty collector’s edition, but I can’t say no to figurines.

For those with a PS4 (or planning to get one in time), you may want to pre-order some of these titles. I’m kinda getting drawn to the idea of Elder Scrolls online, although I’m not sure I’d want to play it on console. Then again, the PS4 makes everything look shiny and new.

[Kalahari has been taken over by Takealot.com]

The PC master race, on the other hand, might prefer some of these deals. Again, Elder Scrolls Online looks tempting, but then again, so does Dark Souls II. Not that there’s anything wrong with pre-ordering The Sims 4… right? Although, I know you’ll all just be buying Don Bradman Cricket.

[Kalahari has been taken over by Takealot.com]

What I found interesting was that all the Xbox One games were listed with a placeholder date of 28 November 2014. Look, we’ve reported about placeholder dates before – remember when Kalahari listed the games as being released in June 2014? So, I’m taking those dates with a pinch of salt. That said, if we did get it end of November, it would almost a year to the day of release in the original launch countries. At least Microsoft would be true to their word that we’re getting a 2014 release.

There are also preorders for other consoles and handhelds – go check it out.

Finally, why is it called pre-ordering and not just ordering? I remember ordering things in advance of release back in the day – it was called an order and not a purchase because the thing wasn’t in stock yet. When did pre-ordering become a thing?

Last Updated: January 8, 2014

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