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Karateka returns, soon…

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KARATE! Chances are, if you were a kid playing some golden china cartridges, then you would have no doubt spent a few hours playing Karateka. Created by Jordan “Prince of Persia” Mechner, the original game was a hard as nails experience that left Geoff laughing at me whenever I was perforated by that damn game halfway through a level. It’s received the remake treatment, and my body is ready for it.Release date and screens, after the jump.

Karateka will be out on Xbox Live Arcade, November 14, with Wii U and Playstation Network versions following later. Developed by Liquid Entertainment, the reboot features character designs from Jeff Matsuda, the man responsible for the visual looks of those bloody addictive Jackie Chan cartoons that I could not stop watching as a kid.

While the visuals have changed, the formula is still the same, and will have players engaging in a series of escalating one on one fights in order to rescue a princess. And get eviscerated by a falling gate, no doubt.


Sounds like fun so far. Now where’s my damn remake of Spartan X and Yie Ar Kung Fu?

Last Updated: October 2, 2012

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