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Keep your multiplayer out of my single player

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Adding multiplayer modes to almost every single game this year is something that’s really gotten on my nerves. It’s not that they are all necessarily bad, it just feels like its making prostitutes out of good games.

I don’t want to write a 10 page rant about it, but felt that many gamers would agree with me. Extending the longevity of games has become the norm. With DLC’s (which is also great, but not really) and multiplayer modes in games that normally would have been single player only games, people are almost pushed a little bit too hard to play the game for longer than necessary. In the past, many games have been revered and remembered for its quality and how good it was, that added some value. The game didn’t need anything added to make it successful, and still raked in millions of copies sold.

Most recently, Far Cry 3 was undoubtedly my favourite shooter this year; but after trying out the multiplayer, I can say with all certainty that it will be remembered for its single player and that alone. Not even the co-op campaign measures up. Would the game have been any less awesome without it? No, but the fact that it has got a multiplayer which doesn’t really impress that much, might just take a little bit away from it. God of War, one of my all time favourite PlayStation games, doesn’t need a multiplayer either. How many gamers are there who remember Assassin’s Creed for a multiplayer or even still plays it? Once again, it’s not that it’s horrible, it just cheapens the game for me.

Would the new Tomb Raider hold the same magic if it were polluted by multiplayer? Thank the gaming gods that BioShock Infinite won’t have it. Sooner or later there will be no games left valued for it’s brilliance as a single player only. Even though gamers enjoy online and multiplayer games, watered down multiplayers added to games like these are not what we want in the least. If you’re going to make a multiplayer game, make it a standalone and make it worth playing. Not even the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer had me interested, and I honestly can’t see the majority of people mentioning that when talking about how awesome the game was. Just because a game is a shooter, it does not mean it’ll do well as a multiplayer.

One of the most annoying things about these is probably the fact that the latency is really bad from many places around the globe. Here’s a tip devs, gamers who love multiplayer shooters, HATE lag. Bad map layouts also often make an appearance. Most of the time, games that are called AAA single players, are played for the story and gameplay, why ruin it with multiplayer? After all, you don’t want people to have an “urgh” reaction to your very exciting news that your ‘oh so awesome game’ is going to have a multiplayer. Few franchises succeed in having the best of both worlds, Call of Duty being one of them. (Yes, I actually love the single player campaigns as well as the multiplayer.) But this is solely because they know who their target audience is and how to please them.

In conclusion, please keep your multiplayer out of my single player.

Last Updated: December 10, 2012

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