Ken Levine Don’t Want No Next Gen (Right Now)

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We’re at the point in current gen console’s lifetime where we’d typically start seeing announcements of new hardware, the impending “next-generation.” things are different this gen though; with the insurmountable costs of developing AAA games for today’s hardware, coupled with the shoddy economics and flagging sales of late, the chances of the next-gen rolling around in the very near future are somewhat slim.

As much as I’d like to look at what future hardware is capable of, I’m nit sure my wallet’s as keen. You know also isn’t all that enthused for the next generation just yet? Bioshock Boss, Ken Levine.

“At this point I have no desire as a developer and zero desire as a gamer to see the next generation come out where I’m sitting right now,” he said during a recent Irrational Games podcast with Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford.

“Connectivity exists today on the platforms, and that’s definitely the thing I like in a platform like Steam or something. I don’t have to worry about that shit -wherever I am, my games are with me, and if I don’t have my game with me, I can have it in a few minutes.”

Pitchford, on the other hand, reckons we’ll be seeing new hardware in just a few years.

“I would expect that within four years from now, we will be in a new cycle of some kind, and there’s more certainty than there was two or three years ago about what that next cycle should look like,” he said.

You can get the podcast here

Levine’s work will next be seen in next Year’s Bioshock Infinite, while we’ll be getting a look at Pitchford’s output in the once mythical, soon-to-be-released Duke Nukem forever.

Last Updated: February 4, 2011

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