Ken Levine Unsure about Bioshock Infinite Multiplayer

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Speaking to Kotaku at Gamescom, irrational Games’ Ken Levine said his team is busy experimenting with things but there’s no guarantee that the the skyward not-exactly-a-sequel will contain any multiplayer.

“Here’s what I have to say about multiplayer – it’s what we said about BioShock 1: ‘We have not made any determinations about multiplayer’,” said Levine.

“I will say that we experiment with things, but for us we are never interested in making a multiplayer mode you could just play in some other game. Because, A) that’s not creatively interesting and B), financially, you’re wasting your time. They’re going to go play Halo. They’re going to go play Call of Duty.

“If we do something new — if we do something like Left 4 Dead that has something new to say — people will come to your game. If you don’t, don’t waste your time.”

“You’re not much of a game designer if you can’t draw lessons out of A) good games and bad games and B) games that are not really applicable to what you are doing. You need to look past the surface.”

While Bioshock 2’s multiplayer was fun, it was ultimately forgettable, with the longevity of a teenage boy touvhing real-life boobs for the first time. I’m pretty glad Irrational is focusing on the single player experience, and will only add multiplayer if they can come up with something unique and interesting instead of just shoehorning it in for the sake of a bulletpoint on the back of the box.

I know many gamers won’t even contemplate buying games that don’t contain a multiplayer element – and with the cost of games it’s completely understandable – but frankly they’re just robbing themselves of some of gaming’s best experiences.

What do you think? will you buy Bioshock Infinite if it ships without multiplayer?

Source : Kotaku

Last Updated: August 23, 2010

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